Eat cleaner 30 day challenge
This 30 day challenge is meant to help you overcome the hurdles of healthy eating which are emotional, financial and time constraints while addressing the root causes of eating habits that do not serve us.
Mindful Optimistic Sensory Empowered Support System
As a mom with a long history with mental health and challenges in my family I am very aware of your struggle. I have lost a child into the system and DO NOT want to see it happen to anyone else . I could not get him help. He struggles and continues too. As a coach with a human services background I struggled to see how I (being the squeaky wheel I was ) could not get help for our family when we needed it the most. The heartbreak , the frustration , the mistakes, the wishing I could go back in time. This in fact still happens. Than my youngest of 3 sons went through a crisis in fall. I was debilitated with fear and anxiety. Despite all the skills and knowledge I had I felt backed in corner and was feeling like a failure as a parent. I help so many people but here I am again. The pattern began as it did for my eldest. His behaviour constantly being addressed in the school system but not the underlying issues. His self esteem being attacked on a daily basis in an environment that he was not coping in. Things went from bad to worse. I was exhausted , defeated and angry at the world. There was no help. Everyday felt like a mountain I could not cllimb. I defaulted to the same tactics as the school and other adults who just wanted it to stop. I saw this make things worse for my son not better. Than I made a life changing decision . I am happy to report this same child who could not sleep through the night, had the darkest of thoughts, felt horrible about himself, had no control over his emotions is now thriving in his brilliance. Please join my workshop as it is designed to give you concrete tools to walk away with.