FITNEWMOM101 #16158
Your body takes a beating during pregnancy. Things slide downwards, other things bulge outwards; some days it's hard to believe it's you. Then your baby arrives and the shock is double. You did not magically shrink back to your 20 year old body. Fear not, with this book, commitment and sweat, we can get you there. Our proven, guided program will get you looking and feeling better than you ever have. This manual contains: The secrets to getting results from exercise Ten different workouts you can do in your home, gym or park with or without baby Descriptions and pictures of over 60 different key exercises for postpartum women The best postpartum 5 km and 10 km running programs A weekly workout plan to guide you to the body you want Access to our on-line support network for moms who need extra motivation Our team of fitness, nutrition and running experts has put together the ultimate plan for helping you rebuild your body postpartum. Using these keys, we have helped thousands of women make friends with their pre-pregnancy jeans. We can help you do the same
The Fit to Birth Journal is a comprehensive month by month guide to help you have the healthiest and happiest pregnancy possible. Give your baby her best start with this ultimate guide to prenatal exercise and nutrition. Based on the renowned Fitmom program, which is recognized by the Society of Obstetriticians and Gynaecologists of Canada and lauded by celebrities, Olympic athletes and regular moms alike, this journal provides detailed exercise guides to ensure you stay strong, fit and in control of your life as your body creates a new life. This nine-month interactive journal contains: More than 40 essential pregnancy exercises with descriptions and photos Nutrition and Exercise Tips every week Weekly guides to your bodyʼs changes and your babyʼs development Comprehensive and proven information on everything from labour positions to the best things to wear and read Pages to share your feelings, favourite names, details from doctorʼs visits, goals, memories and much more. This journal will help you both learn about and record choosing to give your baby the best start in life.
Labour and Birth Coach 101 #16159
Labour and Birth Coach 101 Get/give the support you want during the most exciting even of your life, the labour and delivery of your baby. This guide written specifically for birth partners contains: What to expect during labour and delivery A simple overview of the labour process Hands on ways proven to help manage pain Partner's role in positions for labour and pushing, including descriptions and images Ways to help in the hours and days following the birth of your baby Simple language, guided steps, proven tips make this the ultimate partner's guide to labour and delivery. So easy to navigate that you can take it to the labour room with you. A must have for your labour bag. "This is exactly what I needed to help my wife through labour. I didn't have these tools the first time and labour was really rough for all involved. This time, I was able to help my wife have the birth she really wanted." - Franc Rota "I loved the tips for after the baby came. I would have really forgotten about my partner's needs if it hadn't been for this book. It made the transition of being a new mom easier for her I think." - Steve Chalmers
Sex and Relationships 101
You are not alone if you've found your relationship and sex life during pregnancy and after baby a little less fulfilling than it used to be. We want to help you reconnect with your partner, regain your sexual intimacy and feel emotionally and physically satisfied. Our book brings together our nearly 10 years in the trenches with new moms and moms to be and the expertise of two psychotherapists in a simple guide that addresses all of your questions. We will help you: Find your sex drive again Choose the best positions for intercourse during pregnancy Regain intimacy with your partner Keep the marriage bed free of kids at the right time Have more fulfilling sex Choose the right time and method for the first intercourse after baby Whether you or your partner are pregnant, a new mom or dad or have older children in the home, this guide will help you have the fulfilling emotional and physical relationship you want and need. "Things changed a lot in the bedroom after I got pregnant. Then things started to change outside of the bedroom after the baby came. The guidance I got from this book is helping get things back to where they were and to remind us how important that is. It feels great to be intimate again." - Daisy Giles