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Are you expecting a baby? Did you know that current research supports exercise during pregnancy? It?s well documented that women who exercise during pregnancy experience fewer instances of normal pregnancy discomforts, reduce their risk of cesarean section and have healthy resilient babies.

At FITMOM 2B fitness classes we?ll focus on improving your muscular balance, cardiovascular endurance and core stability so that you?ll feel more energetic and strong throughout your pregnancy. Active and healthy pregnant women go into labour with an advantage that helps them endure the physical demands of the delivery. 

FITMOM recommends that anyone who is pregnant check with their doctor before engaging in any type of exercise program.

FITMOM advocates exercise during pregnancy. We recognize that there are contraindications to exercise in pregnancy that are outlined by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (A.C.O.G).

FITMOM and BABY (Babies 6 wks-18 mths)

FITMOM and Baby classes run in Ottawa from Thanksgiving weekend until the end of April.

Andrea Page's Original FITMOM and Baby class is the most popular indoor workout.  Whether in a baby carrier or lying next to you, your baby will participate in the class and provide progressive resistance to help you get lean and strong. Babies from 4 weeks to 6 1/2 months are safest in a front carrier, while older babies are best suited to a back carrier. Consult with your doctor to see what's best for you.

FITMOM and Baby classes include exercises to target all the major muscle groups. Each class includes:

  • a warm up
  • standing exercises (with baby in carrier)
  • interactive floor work
  • cardio
  • a cool down and stretch

In the course of the session participants are free to address any concerns they may have about postnatal fitness.

FITMOM classes are a great way to meet other new moms, get in shape, feel more energized and most importantly, have fun while bonding with your baby!

* All participants should have had their 6 week postnatal check up before starting FITMOM+BABY classes*

FITMOM STROLLER STRENGTH (Babies 6 wks-18 mths)

FITMOM Stroller Strength classes run outdoors from the beginning of May until Thanksgiving weekend.

Our outdoor FITMOM Stroller Strength class is designed to help you get fit, improve your strength and develop your core. We complete circuits designed to accommodate all fitness levels, so that you can work at your own pace, while building strength, stamina and lean muscle mass - perfect for burning fat. At FITMOM Stroller Strength, we?re not just pushing strollers, we?re using benches, hills, stairs and our own body weight to add variety to our workouts and make it more FUN for mom!

FITMOM Stroller Strength classes are a great way to get out of the house, get some exercise and make new friends. An encouraging and supportive environment means that you can work out at your own pace AND tend to your baby when needed. Babies are often fed, soothed or changed during class in between mom?s exercises!

* All participants should have had their 6 week postnatal check up before starting FITMOM Stroller Strength classes*


FITWOMAN classes run indoors from September until the end of May. They are held in local parks from the end of May until August.

FITWOMAN classes are a challenging workout for ALL women, whether you?ve just had a baby or your ?baby? was born 10 or more years ago. This bootcamp style class works to maximize your metabolism by combining many different strength and cardio exercises. You can expect to increase lean muscle, improve cardiovascular endurance and reduce stress through a combination of intervals, circuits, plyometrics, strength training and great music all delivered in the signature FITMOM style!

All levels of fitness are welcome!