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I am the proud owner of FITMOM Ottawa, and have been helping women feel fit and healthy both during and after pregnancy for over three years.

My own journey into fitness began in my early 20's, long before I had babies, but right around the time my dad died of heart disease. I worked hard to stay fit and healthy so that I could avoid the same fate as my dad. When I became pregnant with my son, I had a difficult pregnancy and learned firsthand, how difficult it is to shed pounds after pregnancy.

I know how hard it is to have a baby - they're beautiful and cuddly, but they demand time and energy and deprive you of sleep, all of which make it that much harder to get out and exercise. It was never easy, but I made it a point to get out to my Strollercise group every week and run with other new moms. We cheered each other on, helped each other out and listened when no one else could. This is where my community of moms began and it was these moms that eventually introduced me to FITMOM.

I look forward to supporting you through your own journey of motherhood, holding your baby when you need a break, providing you with a safe place to build your community of moms and helping you become the strongest and fittest mom you can be!



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I initially heard about FITMOM during my first pregnancy when I met a FITMOM instructor in my prenatal class (this was before Sue became owner). I wasn't sold on joining prenatal fitness because I felt I did enough walking that it wouldn't be necessary. After being told at one of my prenatal visits that I should lay off the carbs and get some exercise, I decided to join FITMOM 2B. I was so happy I did! It gave me a completely different perspective on what a pregnant woman can do and it also gave me a well-needed burst of energy.

During my second pregnancy, I again joined FITMOM 2B and also took advantage of FITMOM Stroller Strength, FITMOM & Baby and some FITWOMAN Bootcamp. Other than Bootcamp, I went to all the classes with both my new baby and my pre-school aged daughter. It was a wonderful way to get out of the house, get fit, burn some energy (especially for my pre-schooler!), ward off the winter blues and chat with other moms. Sue was so accommodating and my daughter loved coming to class (she calls it FITMOM & Baby & Sister). On the other hand, the evening Bootcamp classes were a nice opportunity to get away and unwind. Thanks to FITMOM, I am a happier and fitter mom!?Natalie (FITMOM 2B, FITMOM & Baby, FITMOM Stroller Strength, FITWOMAN)

I started going to FITWOMAN boot camp when my eldest daughter (Robyn, now 3) was 6 months old, and continued until my second pregnancy, at which point I started the FITMOM 2B classes. I returned to the regular FITWOMAN boot camp sessions when my second daughter, Zoey, was 7 weeks old, and at the same time began the FITMOM and Baby classes. I credit Sue with my ability to not only maintain a healthy and fit pregnancy, but also for a quick and easy post-partum recovery. In addition, not only do my weekly sessions with Sue challenge and encourage me, I also have met a fantastic community of women, some of whom I now consider friends. Thanks to FITMOM, I am stronger, fitter, and happier! Kim (FITMOM 2B, FITMOM & Baby, FITMOM Stroller Strength, FITWOMAN)

I love that FITMOM classes are serious and challenging, but have a friendly, casual atmosphere, where there is something new and different to try during each class. The classes are very well organized and offer exercise modifications to accommodate different levels fitness, all by a friendly instructor! I love that it gives you a great boost of energy after class, no matter what type of mood you are in, as well as a place to meet new moms (and babies) and form new friendships. The classes are at great indoor and outdoor locations around the city (clean, spacious and beautiful) and registration is very flexible.?
Candace (FITMOM & Baby, FITMOM Stroller Strength, FITWOMAN Bootcamp)